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The “Company” refers to  underhalfprice.com and shopoffersdirect.com.

The Company is providing information on offers from sellers or listed by sellers, there is a link on each item to sellers product to verify the offer.  These offers may still be active or expired, where they have expired the listing will be removed once known or the seller will have set a time period and the listing will be deactivated on the expiry date.  The buyer needs to verify the listing on the sellers website or with the seller.  Any information provided on the listing may or not be accurate and the buyer needs to confirm with the seller.

The Company is not liable for damages of any nature including but not limited to product liability, damage or loss of items, delivery failure, misleading information from advertisers related to purchases made through links from this website. The Company is not responsible for the offers by the sellers or seller websites. The Company or it’s domain pointers neither endorses nor guarantees any offers from the sellers and is not liable for any information on these product and services.

The Company not responsible for the validity of offers at sellers websites, which is the sole responsibility of the purchaser to verify.

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Under no circumstance will the Company be liable for any special, consequential or indirect damages of any nature, including without limitation, lost savings, lost profits, damages from the use of offers, products, services and deals listed in the website and purchasable at the third party website, or through any published content in our website. We reserve all the right to edit/delete the content you post into our website.

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